Patient Results

  • 100% better!

    I feel, walk, and sleep 100% better now since I began therapy. This is a great place for many reasons.

    B. H.
  • Now I can do most activities without pain!

    Before therapy almost any everyday activity I did, i.e.….getting dressed, driving, reaching for a can in the cupboard, even closing the truck door would cause pain in my left shoulder. Now I can do most any activity without pain. The shoulder feels great!

    J. M.
  • I am a happy camper!

    I am very pleased with the results of my treatment. My range of motion improved significantly. No longer am I experiencing persistent pain. Everyone involved with my treatments was personable and professional. I am now a happy camper!

    J. P.
  • Movement has been restored!

    When I started I had a lot of pain and lack of movement. Now the pain is gone and movement has been restored. Thank You!

    J. B.